Sygyt Software and Overtone Analyzer would not be possible without the help, support, and inspiration from our cooperation partners and friends. Here are some links to their sites:


Cordula is a singer and singing teacher from Cologne, Germany and provides professional voice coaching for amateur and professional singers and entire choirs. She is using Overtone Analyzer as a feedback and visualisation tool in her voice lessons. Cordula is working together with Sygyt Software to create resources and examples about how to use visual feedback software as tool for singing teachers.


The overtone singer, voice coach and musician Miroslav Großer is using Overtone Analyzer to provide comprehensive voice analysis as part of his voice coaching work.


Marco Tonini is a researcher of traditional and experimental methods of vocal emission. He is also a choir conductor and voice teacher. Having studied Electronic Music at the Conservatories of Music in Padua and Verona, he is especially interested in using vocal analysis software in singing education. His vocal method is based on acoustic and visual feedback to explain the power of the resonance cavities. So he uses Overtone Analyzer in his workshops and voice lessons.

Excellent online-course for music theory by Markus Gorski, featuring many examples using Overtone Analyzer. German only.


Overtone Music Network -

International network of overtone singers and musicians, with discussion groups about vocal analysis software and much more.