Submitting support requests

As Overtone Analyzer approaches Version 1.0, your help is needed in making it a stable and useful piece of software. If you have any comments, questions, feedback, criticism, or praise, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Help Requests

The documentation for Overtone Analyzer is far from complete, but it already contains some useful information about how to get started. Please have a look through it, in particular the quickstart section. If you have a question that is not yet addressed in the manual, don't hesitate to ask.

Feature Requests

If the program seems to work correctly, but you think it would be better to do things differently, or some functionality is missing, simply let us know by mail and describe your idea in as much detail as necessary.

Bug Reports

If the program exhibits bugs, crashes, or somehow doesn't do what you think it should, it is even more important to tell us, so that we can fix it.

Error Description

If you found a bug in Overtone Analyzer, the most important information is how to reproduce it. So if the problem can be reproduced consistently, a short description of the steps involved would be great.
If the problem is intermittent and cannot be reliably reproduced, please provide as much detail as possible about what happened.

Attaching Log Files

In the case of a malfunction or crash, it would also help greatly if you could send the Overtone Analyzer log files, as they contain some information about your system, and possibly some clues about what went wrong. You can find those files in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Sygyt Software\Overtone Analyzer Premium.

Please note that Username has to be replaced with your own username. So if your username is John, this path would be C:\Documents and Settings\John\Application Data\Sygyt Software\Overtone Analyzer Premium.

On Windows Vista, this folder would be called C:\Users\John\AppData\Roaming\Sygyt Software\Overtone Analyzer Premium.

Also, this folder may be hidden on your system. If that is the case, in the Tools menu of the File Explorer click on "Folder Options...". In the dialog that opens, select the "View" tab and on this tab, in the box "Advanced Settings", select "Show hidden files and folders".

In particular, please send the following two files:

  • OvertoneAnalyzer.log
  • UserSettings.oa

Both files can be opened in a normal text editor, so you can see what they contain. Simply attach them to your support email.

Your feedback is much appreciated.