Will there be a version for Mac OS X?

Yes, we are nearly done with the version for Mac OS X and expect a release in October 2016. You can download the current beta version here.

What kind of microphone should I use?

A simple PC microphone is fine to get started. For much better results, we recommend a USB condenser mic (such as the Samson GoMic, or the Samson C03U). For more details please look at our microphone guide.

Trial Version

When does the 30-day trial period start? After the download, or after the installation?

The trial period starts when you install any of the trial versions. All Editions (Live, Standard, Premium) can be installed in parallel. However, they will also expire at the same time. For example, if you install the Live version and use it for 30 days, after that all trial versions will be expired.

My trial has expired, but I didn’t actually have time to look at the program.

Please write to us for an extension of your trial period.


Does the single user license allow for both a desktop and laptop installation?

Yes. The software is licensed per user, so if you are the only user, you may install it on multiple computers.

My computer is used by several people. Do I need a multi-user license?

No. Analogous to a book that can be read only by a single person at a time, a software installed on a single computer can only be used by one person at a time. Therefore you only need a single license for that computer.
However, if you want to install the software on multiple computers that are used by different people at the same time, you do need a multi-user license.


How can I order Overtone Analyzer?

Please go to our order page and click on the edition you want. All orders are processed by Digital River GmbH (share-it!) through a secure website. If you have any questions about ordering online or about the accepted payment types, please look at their frequently asked questions about the order process.

What happens after I place an order?

Immediately after your payment has arrived, you will get an email with your personal license key and a link to download the full version. You will also gain access to the restricted section of this website, where you can download future updates.

What happens if I lose my license key?

Please contact us at and we will issue a new license key.

What happens if I lose the setup program for my full version?

After your order you will gain access to the subscriber download section of this website, where you can download the current full version as often as you like.

Can I order Overtone Analyzer on a CD?

This will soon be available at a slight additional cost. However, bear in mind that Overtone Analyzer is frequently updated, so you will likely download updated versions soon after you bought your CD.

Can I upgrade my existing license to a higher edition?

Yes, this is possible at any time. For example, you can upgrade your license for Overtone Analyzer Live to the Standard or Premium Edition. The cost for this is the price difference between the two editions plus an additional 10 Euro for the extra processing. Please write to us if you would like to upgrade your existing license.


Are the updates free?

If you buy a license for Overtone Analyzer, you will get free updates for one year from the date of purchase. After the initial 12 months, an additional year of getting updates can be bought.


When updating, do I need to uninstall the old version first?

No. You can simply install newer versions over older ones, and there is no need to first remove the existing installation. In fact, you will normally keep all your settings if you do it that way.

What should I do with the license file ( ?

This is your personal license key file that is needed for the full version of Overtone Analyzer. Simply save it in the same folder where you have saved the setup program and then run the setup. It will then ask you for the license key file.

After installing the full version, I get the message that the license key is missing.

This is most likely your virus scanner blocking the correct installation. Please disable your virus scanner and try installing Overtone Analyzer again. You can turn the virus scanner back on after the installation.

My virus scanner complains that Overtone Analyzer might be insecure. Does it have a virus?

Most likely not. We take great care to ensure that our software is clean. However, from time to time some virus scanners report a false positive. If this happens, please let us know and we will contact the vendor of the virus scanner to update their database.

Please also make sure that your downloaded setup program for Overtone Analyzer is digitally signed by us and came from this website. If in doubt, please let us know where you downloaded the file so that we can verify it.


Is there a downloadable version of the documentation for off-line reading?

Yes. You already have it when you install Overtone Analyzer. To access the documentation, start Overtone Analyzer and then in the ‘Help’ menu click on ‘Help Topics’.
You can also download a PDF version of the user manual.