Here are some comments from Overtone Analyzer users:

It is always amazing how much the motivation of my clients (professionals with usually healthy voices that have no experience in voice training) goes up, when they can see on the screen that their voice has improved, and how it has changed. For me, and probably also for many voice therapists, Overtone Analyzer is incredibly useful to document someone's progress.

Evelyn Gangl, Voice Coach and Speech Therapist - speaker's corner heidelberg

Voice analysis for singing teachers

Cordula Maria Ledwoch, Soprano and Singing Teacher, describes how she uses Overtone Analyzer with singing students:

... To me, one advantage of using Overtone Analyzer is the enormous time saving. First, this applies to the amount of time I need to gain the trust of the singing student. Second, it greatly reduces the time needed by the student to recognize mistakes and to implement the subject matter. ...
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My work with Overtone Analyzer continues to be a great pleasure. Comparing individual passages is now working very well, and by now I'm using this program exclusively to document and archive my patient records.

Br. Karl-Leo Heller, Cella - Breath and Voice

I just installed Overtone Analyzer and was pleased about the intuitive and pleasant user interface and the appealing graphic design.

Heinz Stolze - Institute for Voice and Communication, Bremen

Many thanks for your excellent work. My compliments for the new features. Working with your program is now even more fun than it already used to be.

Michael Konrath - www.klang-praxis.de

Congratulations on the new version of Overtone Analyzer. It is excellent. Every university in the world should have one.

Clive Wood - University of Cardiff, UK

Whilst there are heaps of sound editing programs around, I haven't come across any with such detailed, clear and accessible spectrographs as yours.

L.K. - Musician

This is one product that should be worth its weight in gold, because it works so well and is easy to use as well.

David Langsather, Violin Maker