Mac solution

I installed on my iMac 27" a parallel 64-bit Windows7 Ultimate and the same on my Asus-laptop. I plan to run the same one  Sygyt Overtone Analyser software I will buy  on both computers - if it is OK for you ?

About the mic: I will test the Samson G TRACK , a large diaphragm USB condenser microphone. I hope I can report later for other interested readers about how it works.

Greetings, Frank K


Re: Mac solution

Yes, you may install the software on multiple computers of the same user:

Some users have reported that Overtone Analyzer runs well on Mac / Parallels. However, please try out the Free Edition on your specific setup before making a purchase to ensure that it works.

I have not tested the Samson G Track, but I'm generally quite happy with the other USB Mics from Samson. Please do report your experiences with it.

Best regards,

Re: Mac solution

1 ) The Overtone Analyser works on my iMac! See my next comment and a question.

2 )My USB-Mic Samson G TRACK is working very well with the Overtone Analyser. Inside the mic is a mixer so I have jack inputs for MidiKeyboard, guitar, MP3 and a jack for Headphones for monitoring the input.
I get the playback from the Overtone Analyser back to my Mic-Headphones! Frank K

Re: Mac solution

GOOD NEWS the Overtone Analyser runs on both my iMac 27" and my Asus -Laptop. And that happened just a few minutes (!) after downloading both Live and Premium versions to test a few weeks before deciding which version to buy.

The OVERTONE ANALYSER´s colours and structure of is so BEAUTIFUL on the big IMac27" and the resolution is great!
I immediately felt the need for a MORE DETAILED frequency Hz-SCALE, that one close to the pianokeys - do you have such plans in the future? Frank K

Re: Frequency scale

Dear Frank,
You can adjust the resolution of the frequency scale in various ways.
If you point the mouse at it, you can then click and move the scale. Also, you can use the mouse wheel (or the keys 1 and 2) to zoom in or out the frequency range.
Alternatively, you can go to Tools / Options / Display Settings / Scale and enter the Frequency Range you wish to see. You can also experiment with the linear and logarithmic scale mode from there.
Does that answer your question about the detail in the frequency scale?

Re: Frequency scale

The Overtone Analyser is full of pleasant and positive surprises I did not expect.

Like today when the MagicMouse of my Mac zoomed d-e-e-p into the very detailed  Hz- scale:)

On the large monitor I could follow the picthes of the song in 0,5 Hz and even sharper. This opens up roads to a lot of creative uses.   Yes it answered my question : )) Frank K