Product comparison

Our sound visualization software comes in several different editions with different feature sets. The entry-level editions are priced to match the cost of one or two voice lessons and are intended for vocal and instrumental practice.

The professional editions have additional features for high-accuracy measurements and advanced comparisons of sounds.

Overtone Analyzer lets you record sound while seeing and analyzing it in real time. The visualization shows the fundamental pitch and the overtone spectrum of the sound. This shows you which frequencies are in your sound, and how loud they are. Unlike many other spectrum analyzers that are primarily for experts with a background in the physics of sound, Overtone Analyzer helps to visualize the musical interpretation of the sound, and to understand the role of harmonic overtones, especially in the voice.

Overtone Analyzer also offers the most important functions for quick post-production, and editing of recordings, without a long learning curve.

VoceVista Video adds side-by-side comparison of recordings. This allows to compare multiple takes of the same exercise, or to compare the performance of a teacher and a student.

It also has real-time Frequency Filters, which allow to interactively filter parts of the spectrum in order to better understand many aspects of the voice (such as timbre, and singer‘s formant).
The Vowel Chart helps to understand how the harmonics in the voice create vowels.

In addition, VoceVista Video will soon offer synchronous recording and playback of videos of students or patients.

VoceVista Video Pro adds spectra and spectrograms at ultra-high frequency resolutions for highly accurate measurement applications.

It also adds the Long Term Average Spectrum to display and compare the spectral envelope of longer passages.
Markers allow to label sections of a recording, so that finding individual passages is easy, even in longer recordings.
VoceVista Video Pro will also soon offer support for the Electroglottograph (EGG), and advanced analysis and export features.

Feature Overview


Overtone Analyzer

VoceVista Video

VoceVista Video Pro
• Record audio files of unlimited length
• Render high quality spectrogram and spectrum
• Edit recordings with integrated Audio Editor
• Overtone Sliders
• Frequency Filters
• Side-by-side comparison of different recordings
• Vowel Chart
• Image Export
• Video recording and playbackcoming sooncoming soon
• High precision measurements and HD Spectrum
• Analysis View
• Bookmarks and markers
• Long Term Average Spectrum
• Create Custom Profiles
• EGG (Electroglottograph)
• Vibrato Analysis
• Analysis Data Export
• Render Spectrogram as Video
coming soon
Price per user:
(We offer multi-user licenses and student discounts).