What are the system requirements for running VoceVista Video?

VoceVista Video runs on macOS and Windows. Please go to our Download page to see more detailed requirements for your system.

Is there a mobile version for smartphones and tablets?

Not yet, but we are planning to make one.

What kind of microphone should I use?

The built-in mic of your laptop or a simple headset microphone are fine to get started. For much better results, we recommend a USB condenser mic (such as the Samson GoMic, or the Samson C03U), or a studio microphone that is connected through a USB sound card.

Product Editions

Where is the Filters menu?

The Frequency Filters are not available in the edition Overtone Analyzer. To use Filters, you need VoceVista Video or VoceVista Video Pro. View our Products page for a comparison of the different editions and their features.

What is the difference between Overtone Analyzer and VoceVista Video?

These used to be different products created by different teams. Overtone Analyzer 4.0 is the original product of Sygyt Software created by Bodo Maass and Wolfgang Saus, while the original VoceVista 3.3 has been created by Don Miller and Richard Horne. Starting with Overtone Analyzer 5.0 and VoceVista Video 5.0, both products share the same code and the same user interface, and they are simply different editions of the same software, but with different feature sets. View our Products page for a comparison of the different editions and their features.

What happened to Overtone Analyzer Live?

Overtone Analyzer Live has been renamed into VoceVista Video.

What happened to Overtone Analyzer Premium?

Overtone Analyzer Premium has been renamed into VoceVista Video Pro.

Trial Version

My trial has expired, but I didn’t actually have time to look at the program.


Does the single user license allow for both a desktop and laptop installation?

Yes. The software is licensed per user, so if you are the only user, you may install it on two computers.

My computer is used by several people. Do I need a multi-user license?

No. Analogous to a book that can be read only by a single person at a time, a software installed on a single computer can only be used by one person at a time. Therefore you only need a single license for that computer.
However, if you want to install the software on multiple computers that are used by different people at the same time, each person needs their own license. If this is used in an organization or department, you can also consider a multi-user license.

Can I transfer my license to a different computer?

Yes. In the program, click on Help / Manage License and then on Revoke License. This will remove the license from that computer, and you can then activate it on another computer.
If you have a multi-user license, you will get access to a web interface where you can remotely revoke a license from a computer, even when the owner of that computer is unavailable or the computer in question is broken.

I need to reinstall the software, but my license key has reached its activation limit.

Please open the upgrade page. There, after entering your email address and activation code, you can see your license status and reset the activation counter.

Can I use the software on a computer that is not connected to the internet?

Yes. This will require your license to be activated from a second computer that does have a network connection. Please contact us about offline-activation for more details.


How can I order VoceVista Video and Overtone Analyzer?

Please go to our order page and click on the edition you want. All orders are processed by our payment processor, a company called FastSpring, through a secure website. If you have any questions about ordering online or about the accepted payment types, please look at their frequently asked questions about the order process.

What happens after I place an order?

Immediately after your payment has arrived, you will get an email with your personal license key which you can use to activate the software. The computer on which the software is running needs to have an internet connection for the activation.

What happens if I lose my license key?

Please contact us at and we will issue a new license key.

What happens if I lose the setup program for my full version?

Simply download the program again from our download page. Please note that you may need a renewal license to activate the program if your license is older than 12 months.

Can I upgrade my existing license to a higher edition?

Yes. For example, to upgrade from Overtone Analyzer to VoceVista Video, you would simply pay the difference between the two editions. Please go to License Upgrades and enter your email address and activation code to see your upgrade options.

Where is my invoice?

The email that contains your activation code also contains a link to your invoice as pdf.

My organization is tax exempt. How do I make an order?

All sales are handled by FastSpring. If your organization is tax exempt, please complete your order with the tax, and then submit your order number and your tax exemption documents to FastSpring via their website at, and they will promptly refund the tax. That site also explains this process in more detail.


Are the updates free?

If you buy a license for Overtone Analyzer or VoceVista Video, you will get free updates for one year from the date of purchase. After the initial 12 months, you can buy a renewal license for 25% of the current price for a new license that will give you another year of updates and support. If you have not upgraded for four years or longer, the price of the renewal license is 50% of the current price of the new license. Please go to License Upgrades and enter your email address and activation code to see your upgrade options.

Can I change my Overtone Analyzer for PC license to the Mac version?

Yes. If you have a license for Overtone Analyzer Live or Overtone Analyzer Premium, you can buy a renewal license to upgrade to the latest version. Overtone Analyzer Live 4.0 will be upgraded to VoceVista Video, and Overtone Analyzer Premium 4.0 will be upgraded to VoceVista Video Pro. As part of this upgrade you can choose to switch to the Mac version.


I cannot install the software because of error messages during or after the installation.

On Windows, this is most likely your virus scanner blocking the correct installation. Some virus scanners block software that they don’t know. Please temporarily deactivate your virus scanner and try installing Overtone Analyzer or VoceVista Video again. You can turn the virus scanner back on after the installation.

My virus scanner complains that VoceVista Video might be insecure. Does it have a virus?

Most likely not. We take great care to ensure that our software is clean. However, from time to time some virus scanners report a false positive. If this happens, please let us know and we will contact the vendor of the virus scanner to update their database. Please also make sure that your downloaded setup program for VoceVista Video is digitally signed by us and came from this website. If in doubt, please let us know where you downloaded the file so that we can verify it.


Is there a downloadable version of the documentation for off-line reading?

Yes. You already have it when you install VoceVista Video. To access the documentation, start VoceVista Video and then in the ‘Help’ menu click on ‘Help Topics’.
You can also download a PDF version of the user manual.


I cannot record any sound.

Please follow our guide for troubleshooting audio input.