Troubleshooting Audio Input

VoceVista Video works well on most machines, but the audio input doesn’t seem to work on some MacBook Air models. To fix this we have added a new audio backend. This is the module that talks to the audio hardware and is responsible for recording and playback. This page explains how to try out the latest beta version of VoceVista Video to see if it works on your machine.

1. Grant permission to access the Microphone

After you have run the app at least once, verify that the software has permissions to access the microphone.

Microphone permissions on macOS

On macOS, go to System Preferences / Security & Privacy, then select “Microphone” on the left column, and verify that “VoceVista Video” or “VoceVista Video Pro” are checked:

Microphone permissions on Windows 10

On Windows 10, go to PC Settings / Privacy, and then select “Microphone” on the left column, and verify that “Allow apps to access your microphone” is On. Then scroll down and check that “Allow desktop apps to access your microphone” is also On:

2. Select Audio “Backend R”

Please note: This step is only necessary if you are running a MacBook Air and your recorded audio is distorted.

Run VoceVista Video, and open the Options Window. On Mac, click on the menu “VoceVista / Preferences”. On Windows, click on the menu “Tools / Options”.

On there, select “Advanced Settings” on the left side, and then find the entry “Audio Performance / Audio Backend” on the right side. On there, make sure that “Backend R” is selected:

3. Test Recording and Playback

Still on the Options Window, select the entry “Recording” on the left side, and verify that the correct input device is selected. Now close the window and press the red “Record” button on the toolbar and make some noises into your microphone. Does the program appear to record something? If yes, can you hear your recording if you play it back?

If recording doesn’t start, check again that the the microphone permissions are granted (Point 2). Then try out different settings on the Recording Settings page (such as different input devices, sampling rates, and channel formats (mono or stereo).

4. Submit Feedback

After you have tried to record and play back something, please click on the menu “Help / Send Support Request” and send us a short note. This will send us the log file from your session and give us feedback and potential error messages.