Here are some tutorial videos that explain the usage of Overtone Analyzer and VoceVista Video.

Please also check our YouTube Channel for more videos.

General usage

Quickstart Tutorial

Introduction to recording and visualizing sound, and most other general features of the software.

Please note: This tutorial was made for Version 4.0 of the software. To follow it with the current version, please use VoceVista Video.

Can you hear this melody?

Train your perception to hear the harmonics in your voice with this hearing test.

Polyphonic Overtone Singing – explained visually

Using VoceVista Video, singer Anna-Maria Hefele explains various techniques of overtone singing. This video shows many features of the software, so while it is primarily about overtone singing, it is also a good introduction to spectrograms, and to Overtone Analyzer and VoceVista Video.

Vibrato Analysis

This tutorial explains the new vibrato analysis feature in VoceVista Video Pro 5.4.

Using the EGG Display

This tutorial shows how to use the Electroglottograph (EGG) Display in VoceVista Video Pro.