VoceVista Video 5.2.0

This update brings many changes under the hood for improved stability and performance. The biggest new feature is the Sound Generator, which enables a large number of exercises and experiments for better understanding of acoustics and voice science. Check this space for upcoming tutorial videos.

New Features

  • Sound Generator, for additive synthesis of sounds and for simulating vocal tract resonances
  • playback of note sliders to separate ears for binaural experiments
  • record output of generated sounds from the piano, the note sliders, and the Vowel Chart
  • faster mp3 encoding
  • the Vowel Chart can now be customized, which means the position of the vowels can be rearranged
  • new nomenclature for resonance frequencies. Instead of talking about formants, the vocal tract resonance frequencies are now labelled fR1, fR2, etc.

Bug Fixes

This release contains a large number of bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as preparations for several exciting new features to come very soon.