VoceVista Video 5.6.2

VoceVista Video 5.6.2 is a service release to improve stability, performance, and fix various bugs.

New Features

  • Input Level Meter: When the app starts, the input level meter will always be off. It now has a second instance on the Recording Settings dialog, and the level meter will start when the recording settings are opened. It can also be started with a new entry “Restart Level Meter” in its context menu. Improve reliability and detection of current settings when level meter starts.
  • Multiple user accounts on one machine: The license can be activated by an admin for all user accounts that use the same computer. That was previously only possible on Windows. Now it is also possible on macOS.
  • Syncronize fundamental frequency of resonance matrix with focus slider:
    This allows to easily switch the fundamental frequency used in the vowel chart by having multiple overtone sliders. The vowel chart will always use the fundamental frequency of the slider that has the focus.
  • Command to clear entire file:
    With Edit / Delete all the entire file can be deleted without first making a selection.
  • ASIO support:
    The recording settings page now has a checkbox to enable ASIO. By default, ASIO is turned off, because it may cause stability issues on some systems with outdated drivers. So now it can be more easily enabled and used.
  • Solfege Note Names: In addition to Scientific and Helmholtz notation, the note names now also support the Solfege system with Do Re Mi Fa Sol.
  • Normalize Dialog: Add ‘N’ as default hotkey. Change “Current maximum” into read-only field. Add more options for target level and add loudest and quietest labels to list entries. Rearrange some entries in the edit menu to make normalization easier to reach.
  • Alt + mouseWheel over the spectrogram will now zoom the frequency scale.
  • Doubleclick on a Marker will now select the marker, and set the selection to the time range of the marker, but not change the time zoom level of the spectrogram.


  • Fix possible freeze when connecting USB devices
  • Improve detection of compatible device settings when recording starts
  • Fix second timeline not visible when windows are tiled vertically
  • Piano keyboard graphics don’t immediately show change of Concert Pitch
  • Sinewave playback of sliders produces fake harmonics when fundamental moves
  • when there is nothing to delete, delete icon should be inactive
  • Spectrogram time scale doesn’t update when moved with the mouse
  • Change hotkey for selecting from cursor pos to click pos from Alt+Click to Shift+Click
  • Fix spectrum still visible after sound is deleted
  • Fix Backend R not recording 32 bit audio
  • Fix reliability of downloading sound font for midi playback
  • Fix updater on macOS downloading dmg twice and improve error handling. Also support installation outside the Applications folder.
  • Fix windows uninstaller not revoking license on uninstall
  • Don’t set cursor position when doing Ctrl-Click to select a slider label
  • Fix Windows installer to prevent the taskbar icon being corrupt on a reinstall on Windows 11.
  • When using multiple views on a file, show the instance number of a tab in the tab list in the Windows menu.
  • Remove mention of DirectSound in the advanced settings on macOS.
  • Fix playback stopping when moving markers or sliders during playback.
  • Fix tabs not being refreshed after using File / Save to save a new file.
  • Fix Alt key not being usable in marker editor to enter special characters.
  • Fix drawing of marker boundaries for markers on spectrogram and timeline.