Here you can download old versions of VoceVista Video and Overtone Analyzer.
Release notes and version history


VersionDateMinimum OSOvertone Analyzer for MacVoceVista Video for MacVoceVista Video Pro for Mac
5.6.3February 3, 2023macOS 10.14downloaddownloaddownload
5.5.0May 11, 2022macOS 10.14downloaddownloaddownload
5.4.2March 2, 2021macOS 10.12downloaddownloaddownload
5.3.4June 4, 2020macOS 10.12downloaddownloaddownload
5.1.0August 3, 2018macOS 10.10downloaddownloaddownload


VersionDateMinimum OSOvertone Analyzer for PCVoceVista Video for PCVoceVista Video Pro for PC
5.6.3February 3, 2023Windows 10downloaddownloaddownload
5.5.0May 11, 2022Windows 10downloaddownloaddownload
5.4.2March 2, 2021Windows 7downloaddownloaddownload
5.3.3January 5, 2020Windows 7downloaddownloaddownload
5.1.0August 3, 2018Windows 7downloaddownloaddownload