Private coaching for VoceVista Video

Due to frequent requests we, the creators of this software, now offer individual coaching sessions for learning to use VoceVista Video. These will be held by us from Germany over Skype or Zoom. The price for these sessions is $75 USD per hour, billed by the minute ($1.25 per minute, plus applicable tax). Sessions are offered in English or in German.
The content of the sessions is up to you and can cover everything from technical questions about the software to usage of the software in the context of voice education or for the analysis of sound. If you don’t know where to start, we can show you our way of using the software.

When you want to book a session, please write to us and indicate:

  • your background (such as voice teacher, singer, instrument builder, etc.)
  • the topics you would like to cover with us
  • the times when you are available. We are in Germany. If you are in another country, you could use this tool to compare time zones:

Wolfgang Saus

Wolfgang is a singer, voice scientist, and teacher. He has been involved in the design of the software since 2003, and continues to research new ways of teaching concepts of acoustic vocal pedagogy. He is an expert in all aspects of the voice, but his main area of research is “Choral Phonetics”, his method of teaching singers to perceive the harmonics in their voice to enable them to accurately modify their resonances.
He can offer coaching sessions about using VoceVista Video from the perspective of a voice teacher.

To book a session, contact him at
More ways of contacting him are at

Bodo Maass

Bodo is the main software developer behind VoceVista Video. He also knows a lot about the voice and about sound analysis, but his primary perspective is that of a technologist, not a voice teacher. He is best asked about advanced ways of using VoceVista Video.

To book a session, contact him at

Other coaches

If you are an expert user of VoceVista Video and offer sessions or workshops about it, please let us know, so that we can list them here.