VoceVista Video 5.1.0

This update has taken much longer than originally planned because we had to change quite a lot of stuff under the hood to prepare the app to support the Electroglottograph (EGG) display. Most notably, all editions now have better support for stereo files and allow switching the displayed stereo channel on the fly.

This version also completes all features from Overtone Analyzer 4.0 that were still missing, such as the textual pitch and cursor info display on top of the spectrum.

This is a free update for all users of VoceVista Video / Overtone Analyzer 5.x. If you have a license for those programs, you can simply download the latest edition from our download page and install it over the old one.
To upgrade from the older Overtone Analyzer 4.0, please contact us for details about how to buy a renewal license.

Here are the individual changes:

New Features

  • support for the Electroglottograph (EGG) in VoceVista Video Pro
  • improved support for storing the contents of one window in another for comparison
  • export recordings as mp3
  • change stereo channel display on the fly
  • frequency filters work in stereo now
  • textual pitch and cursor info display on top of the spectrum:

Bug fixes / Detail improvements

There are a lot of fixes and improvements in this release, too many to list all of them. Here are some of the more important ones:

  • better fading in and out (to avoid loud pops) when playing the selection in a loop, and while dragging the visible rectangle
  • support for resizing the selection while looping, even when looping very short sections
  • review workflow for creating Markers and using Marker List
  • better support for horizontal spectrogram orientation
  • better default file names
  • refresh tabs more consistently when file names have changed
  • fix various crashes
  • fix file corruption when opening wave files with unknown chunks
  • support for macOS 10.13
  • fix various scaling issues for retina screens
  • make more colors adjustable in the Fonts and Colors settings (such as LTAS line)