VoceVista Video 5.6.0

New Features

This release focuses mainly on stability, performance, and usability. The most significant new feature is the possibility to set an upper frequency limit on the pitch detection, which makes the pitch detection much more useful for working with speech. Also, there are new presets for the Analyzer Settings to toggle between working with singing, speech, and instruments.
Another important new feature is crash recovery. This will restore all unsaved recordings after a power failure, system crash, or other unplanned program exit.
On Windows, the default audio driver is now WASAPI, which offers much smoother scrolling during recording than DirectSound.

  • recovery of last recording after a crash or power failure
  • set highest detected pitch for better analysis of speech
  • profile support for Analyzer Settings, with presets for singing, speech, and instruments
  • Options/Preferences dialog is now modeless, so the app can be used while the options windows is open
  • Preferences dialog layout has been overhauled for macOS to be more compact and use less screen space
  • on Windows, WASAPI is now the default recording system for reduced latency and smoother scrolling during recording
  • Sound Generator can generate click tracks
  • Sound Generator can generate custom melodies
  • profile manager shows list of existing categories, for better organization of long profile lists
  • detect Windows Sleep mode to stop recording when laptop gues to sleep to prevent power drain
  • improved diagnostic output in log file
  • Manage License dialog links to license page to allow resetting the activation counter
  • update Windows installer to use latest dependencies


  • show mean pitch analysis even when vibrato is not enabled
  • enable spectrum when pitch analysis is enabled
  • fix LTAS line color for colormaps with white background
  • improve saving dock window layout (Vowel Chart, File/Marker List, Analysis View)
  • fix context menus getting stuck
  • fix crash when using OpenGL software renderer for better compatibility on old systems
  • improved detection of changing USB devices
  • improved support for High-DPI screens
  • fix flicker on macOS when preferences dialog is opened
  • fix crash when entering extreme frequency ranges
  • fix crash when app window is too small
  • fix potential crash when using filters with multiple views