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Overtone Analyzer Live Edition

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Overtone Analyzer Premium Edition

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Overtone Analyzer comes in two different editions, which you can compare on the product comparison page. By purchasing or downloading our software products, you agree to abide by our license terms.

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Registered users get free updates for 12 months from the date of purchase. This is for all new versions of the purchased edition of Overtone Analyzer that are released during that time, regardless of whether it is a minor or major increase in the version number.

Upgrade to a higher edition

You can upgrade your license to a higher edition at any time. The charge for this is the price difference between the two editions plus 10 Euro for the additional transaction. Please contact us if you would like to upgrade your existing license.

Volume Licensing Discounts

If you would like to buy licenses for multiple users, please ask for a quote at info@sygyt.com.

Student Discounts

Schools and Universities get a 10% discount, and students get a 50% discount upon request.


Re: Development Offer

Sorry to intrude but this is just a "Business Offer". Nothing more and nothing less. Like many others, I've been through a very long and very "expensive" experience with PCs and the internet, but I'm aware of that. Also, I've been through your registration process. So, I just ask for a very little bit of understanding till you finish this short message. I'm an old and sick jobless "Ex-computer engineer in Egypt" and this is the name of my profession since graduation. In the past 15 years I turned into a real inventor. I only discovered this after it really happened and I am very lucky to the extent that I did not even try to do any of the "usual" such as trying to find someone to share this fact with me. On the extreme contrary, I've been constantly attacked by the meanest and dirtiest creatures ever to the extent of steeling my inventions one after another using massive group black magic that they are practicing publicly and proudly in the name of the church!!!. I hope that you have (and will have) nothing to do with this so that we can have a business relationship. Of course I do not intend to code any computer programs especially for others. I liked the idea of your software very much and I noticed that it is for money. Together, we can develop it much further to become extremely valuable. This software needs to have even just a simple database where we can store past experiences with singers during the course of their "education" and "therapy" ... etc along their "development" course, even by extraction out of their past recordings. With a reasonable amount of information we will be able not just to classify new singers but also to anticipate the long-term changes in their voices according to what is planned for them and this will of course lead to the development of the "education", "therapy", "development" ...etc processes themselves. This will be a real success in this new "business" that I offer you. Looking for a better future for all.