Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts

Figure 3.60. Keyboard shortcuts

On this settings page you can view and modify the keyboard shortcuts for all the different commands. To modify a shortcut, simply click on it and press the new key combination that you want to use for the selected command. Duplicate assignments will automatically be removed.

The Profile bar on the right allows you to save and retrieve different keyboard layouts. In addition, there are buttons to add and remove shortcuts to commands:

Add Key

When a command is selected, pressing the Add Key button will add a new shortcut to this key, so that a single command can have multiple shortcuts.

Clear Key

Clear the key for the selected command.

Here is an overview of the default shortcut assignments:

NewCtrl + N
OpenCtrl + O
CloseCtrl + W
SaveCtrl + S
Save AsCtrl + Alt + S
Save AllCtrl + Shift + S
Save Slider Layout 
Save Data PointD
Save ImageCtrl + I
Screenshot HotkeyF12
Send Screenshot EmailShift + F12
UndoCtrl + Z
RedoCtrl + Y
CutCtrl + X
CopyCtrl + C
PasteCtrl + V
DeleteNum Del
Crop to selectionCtrl + R
Select AllCtrl + A
Select VisibleV
Set selectionS
Reset selectionEsc
Lock selectionL
Replace with silence 
Insert silence 
Reinsert silence 
Zoom in current view1
Zoom out current view2
Zoom inShift + 1
Zoom outShift + 2
Zoom to fit selection3
Zoom out fully4
Center on reticule5
TimelineCtrl + F2
WaveformCtrl + F3
Staff ViewCtrl + F4
Piano ViewCtrl + F5
Status BarCtrl + F6
FileMarkerListCtrl + F7
VowelChartCtrl + F8
Waveform Time Scale 
Frequency Scale 
Spectrum Intensity ScaleCtrl + F9
Spectrogram Time ScaleCtrl + F10
Reset Window Layout 
Set Language 
Toggle LanguageCtrl + Shift + L
Full ScreenAlt + Enter
Add FilterF
Enable Realtime Preview 
Apply Filters 
Filter Additively 
Filter Subtractively 
Add and edit MarkerCtrl + M
Add MarkerM
Add Range Marker 
Add Thumb up MarkerG
Add Thumb down MarkerB
Delete MarkerCtrl + Num Del
Go To Previous MarkerQ
Go To Next MarkerW
Zoom To Previous MarkerShift + Q
Zoom To Next MarkerShift + W
Merge Markers 
Search MarkersCtrl + F
Edit Current Marker 
Zoom to Current MarkerE
Activate Marker 1 
Activate Marker 2 
Activate Marker 3 
Activate Marker 4 
Activate Marker 5 
Activate Marker 6 
Activate Marker 7 
Activate Marker 8 
Activate Marker 9 
Activate Marker 10 
Rewind to startHome
Rewind pagePage Up
RewindCtrl + Left
Play and StopSpace
RecordCtrl + Space
ForwardCtrl + Right
Forward pagePage Down
Forward to endEnd
Replay last take 
Loop playback 
Play Selected TonesEnter
Stop Playing TonesBackspace
Deselect all TonesCtrl + Backspace
Increase input volume 
Decrease input volume 
Increase output volume 
Decrease output volume 
NewWindowOnCurrentSelectionCtrl + Shift + N
Tile horizontallyCtrl + Shift + H
Tile verticallyCtrl + Shift + V
Maximize current windowCtrl + Shift + M
Close allCtrl + Shift + W
Close all but activeCtrl + 0
Note Sliders
Insert Note SliderN
Use Note Transcription ToolT
Fix Sliders on Screen 
Toggle Spectrum 
Toggle Spectrogram 
Toggle Pitch 
Disable Analyzer Display7
Show Spectrogram8
Show Spectrum9
Show Spectrogram and Spectrum0
Linear ScaleCtrl + 1
Log ScaleCtrl + 2
Vertical ScaleCtrl + 3
Horizontal ScaleCtrl + 4
Show NotenameCtrl + 5
Show FrequencyCtrl + 6
Use sharp accidentalA
Transparent SlidersCtrl + 7
Snap to temperedCtrl + 8
Draw tempered linesCtrl + 9
Option Pages
Audio SettingsF2
Device OptionsF3
Analyzer SettingsF4
Analyzer ViewF5
Colormap EditorF6
File Export
Save As Wav 
Save As Flac 
Save As Ogg 
Save As Mp3 
Send Email As Ogg 
Send Email As Mp3 
Save Copy As Ogg 
Save Copy As Mp3 
1 Minimal Toolbar 
2 One-line Toolbar 
3 Default Toolbar 
4 Full Toolbar 
Standard Frequency Range 
Standard Time Zoom 

Table 3.6. Keyboard Shortcuts