The Toolbar provides quick access to many frequently used functions of the program. If you point the mouse cursor on a toolbar button, a description of this button will pop up, and a more detailed description will appear at the bottom of the main window on the Status Bar.

Toolbar Icon Size

The size of the toolbar icons can be adjusted on the Toolbar Icons under Advanced Settings.:

Extra Small Toolbar Size

Figure 3.27. Extra Small Toolbar Size

Small Toolbar Size

Figure 3.28. Small Toolbar Size

Normal Toolbar Size

Figure 3.29. Normal Toolbar Size

Large Toolbar Size

Figure 3.30. Large Toolbar Size

Extra Large Toolbar Size

Figure 3.31. Extra Large Toolbar Size

Toolbar Profiles

The Profile List on the toolbar contains several predefined toolbar arrangements that you can activate by clicking on one of the entries in the list.

The following images show the toolbars for the VoceVista Video Pro edition. In the other editions, not all icons will be visible.

Minimal Toolbar

Minimal Toolbar

Figure 3.32. Minimal Toolbar

A minimalistic toolbar for absolute beginners. Only contains buttons for recording and playback.

Single Row Toolbar

Single Row Toolbar

Figure 3.33. Single Row Toolbar

A toolbar with most standard buttons for recording, editing, and visualization. Fits one a single row of buttons to preserve screen real estate.

Standard Toolbar

Standard Toolbar

Figure 3.34. Standard Toolbar

A two-row toolbar with buttons for most operations, including Overtone Sliders, zooming, and window management. Recommended most users that have some experience in using the program.

Full Toolbar

Full Toolbar

Figure 3.35. Full Toolbar

A two-row toolbar with most buttons that are available, including controls to set the frequency scale range.