Playback Settings

Playback Settings

Figure 3.40. Playback Settings


Piano and Overtone Instrument

The two settings for Piano Instrument and Overtone Instrument control the instruments used for playing tones when you press keys on the piano, or labels on the Overtone Sliders. You have a choice between a large list of standard MIDI instruments, and between a sine wave generator that plays pure sine waves:

Piano and Overtone Instruments

Figure 3.41. Piano and Overtone Instruments

Sine Wave Generator

The first entry in the list, with the label Pure Sine Wave, uses a tone generator that plays pure sine waves with high accuracy.

MIDI Instruments

All other entries use the standard MIDI instruments, and their sound depends on the quality of your sound card or of your connected keyboard. Their volume is controlled by the MIDI Volume slider.

The frequency of the MIDI Instruments may be less accurate than that of the sine wave generator.

MIDI Volume

This volume affects all sounds that are played through the MIDI Output device when playing piano keys or note sliders.

Master Volume

This slider affects the playback volume for all other sound output, including playing recorded audio content.

Loop playback

If this option is checked, playback of the current file or selection will be repeated in a loop. Otherwise, playback will stop when it reaches the end of the current selection or file.


Wave Output Device

This is the device for playing back the recorded sound.

Midi Output Device

This is the device for playing the sounds from the piano keyboard and the overtones (except for the “Pure Sine Wave” overtone sound, which is played through the wave output device).

Midi Input Device

If you have connected an external Midi keyboard, you can select it as input source here. Pressing a key on your external keyboard will have the same effect as clicking on the piano view with the mouse.