Overtone Analyzer

User Manual and Reference Guide

List of Figures

3.1. Selecting the Quickstart profile
3.2. Program with Quickstart profile applied
3.3. Toolbar buttons
3.4. Right-click on Input Volume to select mic
3.5. Singing a tone on the same pitch for one breath
3.6. Using the mouse on the scales for scrolling and zooming
3.7. Zoomed-in detail of pitch
3.8. Click Spectrum button to bring up secondary view
3.9. Long-term and short-term view
3.10. Select time range 1.0 to 3.0 seconds
3.11. Analyzer View Settings
3.12. Displaying Spectrogram and Spectrum
3.13. Adding a Frequency Filter
3.14. Subtractive Frequency Filter
3.15. Adjusting the number of harmonics shown by the Overtone Slider
4.1. User Interface Overview
4.2. Scrollable and zoomable areas
4.3. Selecting time range and notes
4.4. Playing selected tones
4.5. Frequency Spectrum and Fundamental Pitch
4.6. Spectrogram Display
4.7. Spectrogram and Spectrum side-by-side
4.8. Pitch only display
4.9. Using a Frequency Filter
4.10. Filter Controls
4.11. Additive filter (+ Mode)
4.12. Subtractive filter (- Mode)
4.13. A recording with markers
4.14. Auto Markers on the Timeline and the Marker List
4.15. Range and Point Markers on the Timeline and the Marker List
4.16. Editing Markers in the File / Marker List
4.17. Main elements of Overtone Sliders
4.18. Two overtone sliders forming a perfect fifth
4.19. The Sliders Toolbar
4.20. Note Sliders fixated to the Timeline
4.21. Rulers and the Vowel Chart
4.22. Waveform and Timeline
4.23. Fully zoomed-in Waveform as oscilloscope
4.24. The Customize Toolbar Dialog
4.25. Toolbar with large icons and text labels
4.26. Audio Settings
4.27. input level too high
4.28. recording volume ok
4.29. Right-clicking on input volume meter on toolbar
4.30. Piano and Overtone Instruments
4.31. Device Options
4.32. Analyzer Settings
4.33. Analyzer View Settings
4.34. Colormap Editor
4.35. Spectrum with interpolated colormap
4.36. Spectrum with discrete colormap
4.37. Scale Settings
4.38. Linear and Logarithmic Frequency Scale
4.39. Note Slider Settings
4.40. SATB Voice Range Profile
4.41. The standard voice range profile
4.42. The Overtone Technique Profile
4.43. Keyboard shortcuts
4.44. Fonts and Colors dialog
4.45. Spectrogram with color smoothing enabled
4.46. Spectrogram with color smoothing turned off
4.47. Export Image Dialog
4.48. Normalize Dialog
4.49. Profile Manager